What is Afro-fusion music?

Afro-fusion is the new genre of the music industry, Afro fusion is the variation of so many African music Rhythms and elements like pop, R&B, jazz, and hip hop. burna boy says Afrobeat based on Afro-Fusion, is a contemporary music style that emerged an era of late 20th  century and was most popular worldwide in the 21st century.

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When Afro Afro-fusion music come?

Who invented Afro-fusion music?

Afro-fusion music and Afrobeats music are same?

Afro-Fusion music Instruments

Top 10 Afro-fusion Music Artists


In the modern world, Afro-fusion is characterized by a fusion of African musical traditions like pop, jazz, Yoruba, Highlife, juju, fuji, and afrobeat with other musical genre like reggae, dancehall, and soca. All these fusions make more techniques and made afro-fusion and serve the worldwide.

The greatest feature of this fusion is its use of traditional African music instruments like kora, talking drum, and djembe upside modern electronic instruments like drum machines, and keyboards.

Mostly Afro-fusion constantly addresses the political issues and social life like poverty, corruption, African beauty, food, and their regular lifestyle but they enjoy and celebrate their identity, culture, and themselves.

Conclusion:– This music has many layers of different music genres but is based on Afrobeat which merged with Western music culture, modern techniques, and African music instruments. all these things can help make African music so broad, and popular day by day in worldwide.

When did Afro-fusion come?

Afro-fusion is a music genre that collaborated in the late 2000s and early 2012s, merging African rhythms ( mostly afrobeat ) and melodies with other genres like pop, hip hop, and R&B African artists started making music in their way but still, it cannot be clearly said that this is afro fusion.

However, some of the early creators of the genre include Nigerian artists like Burna Boy, Yemi alade, wiz kid, and Davido who start gaining remarkably in the music industry around 2010­-2022. Burna Boy also won the Grammy award for his song name called “Twice as Tall”.

Who invented Afro-fusion music?

there is no one person or a group that can be undoubtedly credited with inventing the ‘ afro fusion’. the source of the term ‘AFRO FUSION’ is unclear. however, we can say that afro Afro-fusion genre blends traditional African music with recent genres like R&B, jazz, and hip hop. but Burna Boy gave the name of this genre to the world as we can say undoubtedly.

the story about fusion African rhythms is long-term, in the era of 1970s, Nigerian musician Fela Kuti established the Afrobeat sound, which collab elements of West African traditional music like jazz, highlife, and funk, even if we say that people are inspired by Fela Kuti even today.

ever since Burna Boy used the word ‘afro-fusion’ in an interview, people have assumed that fusion comes out by Bruna Boy, after Burna Boy also talked about the afro-fusion word and said “I just mixed up a bunch of different sounds, and different genres and different culture and turned into one genre called “Afro-fusion”.

Before and after that many African music artists sing fusion-type songs like Burna Boy ( Nigeria ) Wizkid ( Nigeria ) Davido ( Nigeria ) Mr. Eazi ( Ghana ) Diamond Platnum ( Tanzania )

Conclusion: – This music is the experimental genre in which African Traditional music, Reggae, Dance hall, Hip Hop, R&B, Jazz, Funk, Modern electric Drum, and many more will be used in the future. the music industry is thankful to Burna Boy for giving a new name for this experimental music genre to the world.

Afro-fusion and Afrobeats are same?

No, Afrobeats and Afro-fusion are not the same music genre, although there are so many similarities between them.

Once, Afro-fusion is a more dissimilar genre that blends African Instruments and rhythms with diverse other styles as like R&B, jazz, and pop while combining modern productions Techniques, and sounds,  This Genre is the more innovative and experimental musical style that makes fusion different from other music genres.

On the other side, Afrobeats is the most popular music genre that emerged in ( Heartbeat of Africa ) Nigeria Afrobeats is a collaboration of African rhythms, western pop, and hip-hop influences.

Afrobeats is a most danceable, lovable, and upbeat genre that often features uninteresting lyrics, melodies, and electronic beats about parting, love, and wealth.

There is some intersecting between Afro-fusion and Afrobeats, Afro-fusion is more focused on experimental new musical possibilities, creating a more diverse and eclectic sound,  while Afrobeats is more focused on danceable and catchy rhythms.

Conclusion, This type of fusion artist from different African countries contributes to the new genre’s development, while Afrobeats is primarily associated with Nigerian music including other African instruments. It can be said that Afrobeats is a mixture of African culture and Afro-fusion is endless.

Fusion music Instruments

This fusion is the music genre of African traditional instruments  and Western music genre or style ( Funk, Hip Hop, jazz ), Afro-fusion music instruments range is wide, so it depends on the Artist and which instruments they used and played, Here are some basic instruments used in Afro-Fusion music across with their details:-

1) Electric guitar:- The electric guitar is a co-instrument of Afro Fusion music with adds a Western music or style sound and is often used to create solos, masterpieces, and complex melodies.

2) keyboard:– Normally keyboard is used to create a range of sounds in afro-fusion music, through electric effects and chord development to complex melodies.

3) Djembe:- Djembe is a West African drum that is mostly used in Afro-fusion music. Djembe is made of a goatskin head, and wooden shell and produces a deep powerful sound.

4) Kora:- The kora is a West African harp-like instrument, It has 21 strings that are played with the fingers to develop the melodic and bright sound. it’s used in traditional African music as well as Afro-fusion

5) Bass guitar:- The bass guitar is used to provide the ep foundation of rhythm for Afro-Fusion music. The bass guitar is normally played in a repetition pattern that forms the spine of the music.

6) Horns:- horns ( trumpet, trombone, saxophone ) are used most commonly in the orchestra. in terms of afro fusion, horns create a brass section and add a very bold and powerful sound at the same time also used for rhythmic and melodic purposes.

Conclusion:- Here are talking about the fewer instruments in This type of fusion, different artists use instruments according to their style and music test.

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Top 10 Afro-fusion Music Artists

1. Burna Boy ( Nigeria )

2. Rema ( Nigeria )

3. Victony ( Nigeria )

4. Davido ( Nigeria )

5. Yemi alade ( Nigeria )

6. Wiz Kid ( Nigeria )

7. Tiwa Savage ( Nigeria )

8. Sauti sol ( Kenya )

9. Diamond Platnumz ( Tanzania )

10. Tiwa Savage ( Nigeria )  

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