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Why African Dance is So Famous in the World

Introduction The power of African dancing to bring people along through common experiences is the…

ByThe Art GlobeAug 8, 2023

Top 5 Famous African Dance Styles in 2023

Introduction The rhythm, vitality, and cultural diversity of African dance have mesmerized audiences all over…

ByThe Art GlobeJun 8, 2023

Afro Dance Basics for Beginners ; Get Your Feet Moving

Introduction Afro dance is a dynamic and energizing dance style that has captured the attention…

ByThe Art GlobeJun 2, 2023

Afrobeats Music is Spiritual: A Melodic Journey of Healing and Connection

Introduction With its contagious rhythms and vivid melodies, Afrobeats music has won the hearts of…

ByThe Art GlobeMay 30, 2023