What is Afro dance ?

Afro dance is a vibrant and dynamic dance style has evolved from traditional Africa dance forms , It encompasses a wide range of dance styles that have merged from various African cultures including , South African , West African , and East African countries  like Nigeria , Ivory coast , Ghana , Kenya , Angola , Senegal.

Afro dance is characterized by its energetic and rhythmic movements , which often incorporate elements of African traditional dance like as shuffling , circular movements , hip isolation , face work , hip rotation in low level also , Afro dance movements characterized by a strong sense of rootedness and groundedness , with dancers often moving low to the floor and using hip ad feet to create percussive rhythms also Afro dance artist uses emotions and stories to make more powerful rhythms.

So many Afro dance styles are traditionally performed in groups ,where the lead afro dancer sets the rhythm and the rest of the group responds with their own movements ,and they are together celebrate and express themselves through movement .

Afro dance has gained popularity in recent years , particularly in urban area with large African diaspora populations . Afro dancers has also been merged into their particular dance style like hip hop and other street dance style to creating a diverse and rich dance culture that continues evolve . on the other side Afro dance is often seen in Music videos , concerts , dance competitions , stage performances , African Weddings , and has become an integral part of contemporary dance culture .

Who created Afro dance ?

because it has evolved by various African traditional dance styles . however Afro dance as we It is very challenging to credit the creation of Afro dance to a one person, place, city or country have know today has been popularized by different African dance choreographers , experts and dancers like kaffy shafau- Ameh , ezinne Asinugo and many Dance artists , Recently Sherrie Silver is winning MTV VMA Award.

 Also Some of the contributors to the creation and popularization of Afro dance as like Alvin Ailey , an African American choreographer who merged elements of Africa in his style , peter Gabriel a British musician who collaborated with various African musician and influencers to create “sledgehammer “ a music video that featured various African dance moves including the iconic step “ step touch” .

In recent time so many African and worldwide Afro dancer create history like Dance god Lloyd , Home bros , sherrie silver , ghetto kids , incredible zigi , and many more of all over the world trying to made history in Afro dance .

Conclusion :-therefore , it is accurate to say that Afro dance is a collective creation of the African people by them cultural activity , experience , expression , and their descendants around the world , who contributed to its development and continued evolution.

Why it is called Afro dance ?

Afro dance is style of dance that originated in many African countries like Ghana , Nigeria , Angola . Afro dance styles are characterized by their energetic movements, fluidity, and rhythmic patterns. The term “Afro” in Afro dance refers to the African origin of these dance styles . the word “Afro” is derived from the word “Africa” and aslo  a shortened version of Africa which describe the roots and origins of this style of dance .

The term “Afro” is derived from the word “Africa,” which is the continent where these dance styles originated. The dances often incorporate traditional African movements and rhythms, which are deeply rooted in the culture and history of the continent. The afro dance is versatile and expressive and it has influenced many other western dance styles as like dance hall , reggae , hip hop and recent dance style , because Afro dance style is characterized by footwork , body language , body isolation , dancers hip isolation ( Wine ) , arms and body movements on the beats of music .

Conclusion :- It’s worth noting that there are many different dance styles and traditions in Africa, so not all dances from Africa are referred to as Afro dance. The term is typically used to describe a specific subset of African dance styles that have been popularized in the contemporary dance scene.

When did Afro dance come ?

While afro dance has long been a part of African culture, its role on the world’s stage can be dated to the latter part of the 20th century, when African dancers and musicians started traveling globally. African music and dance grew more popular during the 1960s and 1970s thanks to the emergence of genres like Afrobeat, Soukous, and Highlife, especially in Europe and the US.

Since then, many of modern dancers and choreographers have included parts of afro dance into their performances, helping afro dance to continue to gain popularity around globe. Afro dance has gained popular recent and has been more widely available because of in large part to social media sites like Instagram ,Facebook and YouTube .

Afro dance is still a lively and evolving art form that honors Africa’s rich cultural legacy while encouraging creativity and innovation in the worldwide dance community.

Top 10 Afro dance Artist in the World

  1. Home bros
  2. Ordinateur
  3. Yoofi Greene
  4. Septzilla
  5. Charlitolevrais
  6. Nife
  7. Ib Chabalala
  8. Karina palma
  9. Badgyal cassie
  10. Maimouna

Top 10 Afro dance Artist in Africa

  1. Sherrie Silver
  2. Dancegod Lloyd
  3. Incredible Zigi
  4. Ghetto kids
  5. Limpopo Boy
  6. Mufasa
  7. Kaffy
  8. Sayrahchips
  9. Afrobeast
  10. E.Grand

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