5 Afrobeats Trending Dance Steps You Should Learn in 2023


“Discover the Hottest Afrobeats Trending Dance Steps of 2023! Join the Dance Revolution with the Latest Moves and Rhythms. Stay in Sync with the Top Dance Trends this Year.” Become immersed in the lively and vibrating world of Afrobeats dance and song if you’re ready. Look no further as we have put together the ultimate guide for learning the 5 famous Afrobeats Trending dance moves that will have you dancing and shaking all night.

Afrobeats music is an international hit that has been slowly gaining in appeal over the years. Its uncommon mix of hip-hop beats, African rhythms, and lyrical songs attracts audiences everywhere. Afrobeats, which have their roots in West Africa, have exploded onto the world music scene. thanks in large part to the direction and achievement of artists such as Burna Boy, Wizkid, and Davido.

Afrobeats, however, is not only about the music; it also includes dance. Understanding the dance moves of Afrobeats is crucial But Afrobeats is more than simply music; it’s also about dancing. Being fully immersed in the alive and dynamic globe of Afrobeats music necessitates mastering the dancing moves. It’s a chance to engage with the music and the audience, to express oneself and have fun. also to feel the rush of excitement and the hormone adrenaline that comes from moving your body to the beat of the drums.

Top 5 trending Afrobeats dance step in 2023

The five greatest Afrobeats dance moves that you have to learn by 2023 are presented in this article. We’ll walk you through each move, such as thorough explanations, detailed instructions, and video tutorials. this can help you master every dance, from the Gbese to the Gwara Gwara, and the disputed Soapy dance.

So get ready to embrace the infectious vibe of Afrobeats music and dance, to let out your inner dancer. and to feel the beat vibrating through your veins. It’s time to let go, to be freed from slavery, and to feel the pure happiness. pleasure that comes from moving your body to the beat of the drums. Are you ready to take movement now? 

Let’s get Rolling:-

Topics –

 Step 1: Gbese

 Step 2: Zanku

Step 3: Gwara Gwara

Step 4: Shaku Shaku

Step 5: Soapy


let’s understand this steps in details :-

Step 1: Gbese

The Gbese dance step has been enchanting audiences with its unique Afrobeats style for many years. The Gbese is a rhythmic, dynamic dance that has its roots in Nigeria. It is defined by its high vigor and complex footwork.

The Gbese dance has its origins in the sidewalks of Lagos. it was made popular by young Nigerians who wanted to use dance to express themselves. The Gbese dance has grown over time into an advanced and layered dance that combines a wide range of elements and styles.

You’ve landed on the right location if you’re looking to learn the Gbese dance move. Here is a detailed tutorial that will teach you whatever you need to know to perform this timeless Afrobeats move


(1) Start with the arms down by your sides and your feet positioned shoulder-width apart. With your right foot, advance a step while bending your knees just a little.

(2) Rotate your left foot inward so that it faces your right foot and keep your right foot firm on the ground.

(3) Lift the heel of your right foot off the floor and shift your entire weight to your left foot.

(4) Your right foot should now be facing away from your left foot as you rotate it outward. at the same time keeping your left foot firmly planted on the ground.

(5) Place your right foot firmly on the ground, then switch to your left foot to complete the motion.

(6) Practice often and pay great focus on the way you walk and body motions to develop your Gbese dancing step.

Here is a how-to video to get you started:


When doing the Gbese dance, common mistakes to avoid include failing to maintain your knees bent. incorrect weight shifting, and lack of flow and rhythm in your movements. So get ready to improve your dancing game and become a pro at the Gbese!

 Step 2: Zanku (most trending step in 2023)

With a unique combination of Afrobeat and hip-hop influences. the Zanku dance move originated on the roads of Lagos and has since gone viral. this move become more trendy in 2021-2023. It’s obvious why partygoers and music lovers both favor the zanku as a dancing move.

thus you’ve decided to join the Zanku craze, the following guidelines will show you how to perform this wonderful dance move


(1)  As you begin, place your feet about shoulder-width apart and rest your arms by your sides.

(2) the Zanku dance move originated on the roads of Lagos and has since gone viral. It’s obvious why partygoers and music lovers both favor the Zanku as a dancing move.

(3) Thus you’ve decided to join the Zanku craze. the following guidelines will show you how to perform this wonderful dance move:

(4) As you begin, place your feet about shoulder-width apart and rest your arms by your sides.

(5) When performing the Zanku dance, common mistakes to avoid include not maintaining. your motions smooth and rhythmic, properly crossing your legs, and not turning your hips enough. Therefore, get ready to embrace yourself as a dancer and master the Zanku!

To perfect your Zanku dance step, check out this video tutorial that breaks down each step and shows you how to put them together:


Step 3: Gwara Gwara (most trending step in 2023)

Another Afrobeats trending step in 2023 is Gwara Gwara. The bright and energizing Gwara Gwara dance step, which has its roots in South Africa, is about to upend everything. All dance aficionados should learn how to perform this distinctive and thrilling dancing technique because of its rhythmic and flowing motions.

The Gwara Gwara dance move became one of the most trendy move in 2023. it’s well-known after DJ Bongz. a South African musician, featured it in his “Gwara Gwara” music video. It has since appeared in music videos by well-known performers including Rihanna and Childish Gambino. The following simple steps will teach you how to perform the Gwara Gwara dance


(1) As you begin, place your feet shoulder-width apart and rest your arms by your sides.

(2) Keep your legs straight while shifting your upper body slightly forward.

(3) Swing your hips to the left while simultaneously moving your right arm back and your left arm forward.

(4) Swing your hips to the right and your arms in the opposite way.

(5) Keep moving fluidly back and forth with your arms and hips.

Check out this video instruction that breaks down each step and demonstrates how to combine them to improve your Gwara Gwara dancing move:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xzDwGfZhicE ]

When performing the Gwara Gwara dance, common mistakes to avoid include not maintaining your motions smoothly and regularly. not swinging your hips sufficiently, and not using your arms correctly. You won’t need much practice to be able to dazzle your friends with your Gwara Gwara dancing skills!

Step 4: Shaku Shaku (most trending step in 2023)

Prepare to move to the catchy rhythms of the well-known Shaku Shaku dance move from Nigeria. Shaku Shaku, a Nigerian street musician, has taken the globe by storm and emerged from the streets of Lagos.

Shaku Shaku is the most demandable step between a year of 2020-2023. a swift dance move that includes moving your legs quickly and intricately while keeping a steady rhythm. Follow these simple steps to learn the Shaku Shaku dance step


(1) Start with your arms by your sides and your feet shoulder-width apart.

(2) Bring your left leg forward and your right leg back, then reverse the order with your right leg moving forward and your left leg returning.

(3) Your weight should be shifted from one foot to the other while you quickly cross both of your legs back and forth.

(4) As you swing your legs back and forth, move your arms horizontally.
Check out this video instruction that breaks down each Shaku Shaku dancing step and how to combine them to master your moves:


When performing the Shaku Shaku dance, common mistakes to avoid include not maintaining your motions fluid and rhythm. not moving your legs swiftly enough, and improperly using your arms. You won’t need much practice to be able to dazzle your friends with your Shaku Shaku dancing skills!

Shaku Shaku has gained popularity as a dance move not just in Nigeria but also internationally. Drake’s music videos have used it, and it has even been on the hit TV program So You Think You Can Dance. So why not learn the Shaku Shaku dance step today and join in on the fun?

Step 5: Soapy

Prepare to discover the Soapy dance step, a contentious yet well-liked dancing routine that has dominated the Nigerian music scene. The Soapy dance move, created by Nigerian artist Naira Marley. he has drawn both praise and condemnation for its graphic content and association with the artist’s prior legal issues.

Follow these easy steps to learn the Soapy dance step


(1) Start by assuming a shoulder-width position for your feet.

(2) Fingers should be interlocked as you position your hands behind your back.

(3) Lifting your heels off the ground, first step forward with your right foot, then with your left.

(4) Place your right foot behind your left foot and shift your weight to the left foot.

(5) After stepping to the side, bring your right foot back to the middle.

(6) Move your left foot in the same manner, ahead, behind, to the side, and back to the middle.

(7) To finish the dance move, add a hip- and arm-twisting motion.

To see the Soapy dance step in action and discover how to master it, watch this video tutorial:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TZodOPRfwVc ]

While many have complimented the Soapy dance step for its catchy beat and energizing moves. it has also drawn criticism for its explicit nature and connection to the artist’s legal issues. The Soapy dance step should be practiced responsibly. just like any other dance move, and any unsafe or inappropriate activity should be avoided.
Avoid common errors when doing the Soapy dance, such as failing to lift your heels off the floor and failing to incorporate a twisting action with your arms and hips. You can learn the Soapy dance move with perseverance and repetition, so get in on the fun!


Q:- How important is dancing to Afrobeats music?

A:- Afrobeats music requires dancing. It allows you to communicate with others, express yourself, and tune into the beat of your own spirit. Dancing is the ideal way to convey joy, love, and positive feelings since it is a celebration of all three.

Q:- What are the most popular Afrobeats dance steps?

A:- Gbese, Shaku Shaku, Zanku, Gwara Gwara, Pilolo Rhema, and Soapy are some of the most well-known Afrobeats dance moves. With its distinctive aesthetic and catchy beat, these dance moves have swept the globe. Getting to know these dancing moves will help you better understand African music and culture.

Q:- Are these dance steps difficult to learn?

A:- While some of the Afrobeats dance moves may initially seem frightening, with repetition and patience. they are typically not too challenging to learn. Anyone can learn how to dance with the aid of step-by-step instructions and video tutorials. The most crucial aspect of mastering these techniques is to enjoy yourself and the music.

Q:- How long does it take to master these dance steps?

A:- Each person will take a different amount of time to perfect these dance moves, but with consistent practice. you may become an expert in a matter of weeks to months. The secret to learning any skill, including dance, is dedication and perseverance.

Q:- Can I learn these dance steps on my own? 

A:- Absolutely! Anyone can learn these Afrobeats dancing moves on their own with the aid of video tutorials and a lot of practice. You’ll be dancing like a pro in no time if you put the time and effort into it.

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